Sources for instant hot-water heaters

Q. We have seen small water heaters -- fired by gas, electricity, or oil -- located near water outlets which instantly heat the water as it passes through the tap or shower head. Do you recommend them? Who sells them? S. C. Blum Saint Davids Church, Va.

A. Tankless, instant, hot-water-heating methods originated in Europe, but now are making headway here in the U.S. Kitchensink, one- or two-quart, instant-hot-water heaters, such as those made by In-Sink-Erator and KitchenAid, have successfully been on the domestic market for a good many years.

One instant hot-water-heater company is Thorn Gas Appliances, 25 Valley Drive , Suite 110, Greenwich, CT 06830.

Chronomite Laboratories, Inc., 21011 South Figueroa, Carson, CA 90745, makes a supplementary in-line device that boosts the temperature of already warm water and is used primarily with automatic dishwashers.

Instant, tankless, hot-water heaters are real energy savers.

If readers of this column know the names and addresses of other instant, tankless, hot-water-heater manufacturers, please get in touch with us.

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