Polovchaks leave without son

The immigrant parents of Walter Polovchak, who sparked an international custody battle by seeking political asylum in the United States, left for home in the Ulkraine without their 13-year-old son, but vowed to pursue their custody battle despite his desire to stay in America.

The boy's attorney disclosed that the US government has agreed to turn over the youth to his parents if they win the custody case now before the state appellate court.

Walter's family came to the US in January 1980. But when his parents decided last summer to return to the Soviet Ukraine, Walter and his sister, Natalie, 18, ran away, securing political asylum from the State Department. The boy, now living with an aunt, told officials he would commit suicide if he had to return to the Soviet Union.

Soviets have accused the US of abducting the boy, saying that his continued detention jeopardized relations between the two countries.

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