Poland looks to church mediation

Polish Communist leader Stanislaw Kania was reported to have asked for a meeting with Archbishop Jozef Glemp, the Roman Catholic primate, indicating that the church may be asked to mediate between the government and the unions.

The rift has widened steadily since-last week and was growing worse as the Communist Party and Solidarity approved separate hard-hitting resolutions, each critical of the other. Solidarity accused the government of shirking responsibility for Poland's worsening economy. The government charged Solidarity with formenting demonstration and increasing tensions.

It would be the first known meeting between Mr. Kania, who took power just under a year ago, and Archbishop Glemp, who was appointed by Pope John Paul II last month in succession to the late Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski. Cardinal Wyszynski was involved in government and worker negotiations after the widespread strikes last year that led to the creation of Solidarity and a package of social and economic reforms.

Meanwhile in Gdansk, leaders of Solidarity appealed or an end to strikes and hunger marches over food shortages and asked for miners and industrial workers to work eight free Saturdays to boost production.

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