Real estate information

Please send me information on investing in property in rural areas. How would this situation be for tax purposes and future use as a profitmaking bargain? L. H.

I am extremely interested in the possibility of investing in real estate. I would appreciate any information you have. Also, information on the economy. J. S.

Both of these readers could benefit from the three books on real estate included on the reading list available (see below). Real estate provides the same tax shelter benefits in rural areas as in cities or other locations with the United States. Profits can be made from real estate, but current high interest rates are making such gains difficult. For your free copy of the reading list, send a long (No. 10) self-addressed, stamped envelope to Moneywise , Box 102, Mercer Island, Wash. 98040. The list also includes a number of good books on economics for the se cond reader.

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