Boston chefs cook for summer picnic

A picnic "extraordinary" is the description of a gathering sponsored by Les Dames des Amis d'Escoffier Sunday, Aug. 16, at the historic House of the Commandant in the old Charlestown Navy Yard.

Proceeds from the $35 tickets will benefit the Charles L. Banino Scholarship Fund and will feature foods donated by local restaurants, including the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, where the late Banino was chef.

For tickets, contribution checks may be payable to the Charles L. Banino Scholarship Fund and sent to Miss Ellen Stillman, 482 Elm Street, Hanson, Mass. 02341, before Aug. 7. For more information call (617) 698-4498.

A menu of chilled foods will be served, the special dishes being prepared by chefs and members of the group. Chef Enzon Denesi of Le Bocage restaurant is making pates; Chef Vincent Traietti of Lechner's will make pates and galantines; and Mrs. Theodore Evangelise is making tiropites, phyllo pastry filled with cheese and eggs.

Denise Schorr, a French cooking school teacher, will make a Salad Nicoise; Mrs. Edith Ban and Mario Labadini will send boned chicken breasts paprika; Mrs. Andre Van Haelst will make madeleines, small sponge cakes.

Anthony Athanas of the Pier 4 restaurant will sent Chilled Salmon with Tomato-Mayonnaise Sauce. Here is one of the recipes. Pier 4 Tomato-Mayonnaise for Seafood 1 large egg yolk 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper 2 tablespoons cider vinegar 2 cups olive oil or vegetable oil Salt and pepper to taste 1 cup thick tomato puree, to be added to 1/2 cup of finished mayonnaise

Beat egg yolk until thick and sticky. Add mustard, cayenne papper, and vinegar and continue beating. Carefully add olive oil a few drops at a time, to prevent mayonnaise from curdling. Mayonnaise will be vary thick. Makes about 2 cups of mayonnaise to refrigerate and use later.

Measure 1/2 cup of mayonnaise into a bowl. Gradually beat or whisk 1 cup cold tomato puree into mayonnaise. It will be smooth and velvety. Serve with seafood salad, mousse or pate, poached salmon, or white-fleshed fish.

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