Pages of a young life

Sometimes I read the books that Angel mother and Angel Father did Write in. They tell me about all the great men. Now I know what to name my favorite mouse. He is Felix Mendelssohn. In the morning of today part way to school I met a glad surprise. There was my dear pig waiting for me. I gave him three joy pats on the nose and did call him by name ten times. I was so glad to see Peter Paul Rubens. He gave the same squeal and came a-following after. When he was caught up with me he gave a grunt. A lump came up in my throat. I couldn't tell him to go back to the pig pen. So we went along to school together. Today the grandpa dug potatoes in the field. I followed along after. I picked them up and piled them in piles. Some of them were very plump. And all the time I was picking up potatoes I did have conversations with them. To other potatoes I did talk about my friends, how the crow, Lars Porsena, does have a fondness for collecting things, how Aphrodite, the mother pig, has a fondness for chocolate creams, Potatoes are very interesting folks. I think they must see a lot of what is going on in the earth. They have so many eyes. Too, I did have thinks of all their growing days there in the ground, and all the things they did hear. I have thinks these potatoes growing here did have knowings of star songs. I have kept watch in the field at night and I have seen the stars look kindness down upon them. And i have walked between the rows of potatoes and I have watched the star gleams on their leaves. While i was listening to the voices of the night, Brave Horatius did catch the corner of my nightgown in his mouth and did pull in a most hard way to go back to the house we live in. He barks when he thinks it is going-home- time. I listen. Sometimes I go back and he goes with me. Sometimes i go on and he goes with me. He knows most all the poetry I have told to the potatoes at night. I did not have goings to school today for this is wash day and the mama did have needs of me at home. There was baby clothes to wash. The mama does say that is my work and I try to do it in the proper way she does say it ought to be done, and I do have longings to go on exploration trips. Now is the borning-time of year. I did hurry home from school in a quick way this afternoon. The shepherd boy, Aidan of Iona come from Lindisfarne, has said I may name the little lambs that are coming. All day I did have thinks of names to call them by. I could hardly waits til school-getting-out-time. I had remembers how Sadie McKibben says no child should grow a day old without having a name. Now some of those dear baby lambs are two and three days since their borning-time. When I was come to the shepherd I did tell him now I have come to name all your lambs. He did have one little lamb in his arms. he did tell me as how it didn't belong to anyone and it was lonesome without a mother. He said he would give it to me to mother. I was so happy. I called it Euripides. After I said goodbye to all the other lambs I did kiss Euripides on the nose. Maybe he does have longs for kisses like the longs I do have for them every night-time. Because Aphrodite cannot get out of her pig pen, I did have decides to have cathedral service there. Brave Horatious came in. Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus nestled by my side. Solomon Grundy lay by his mother. Felix Mendelssohn did snuggle in my apron pocket. After some long time, when all was settled down to quietness, I did start the service. It took a long time to get quietness because the dear folks weren't used to having service in the pig pen. I did start: "I will lift mine eyes up unto the hills." I lifted most of the congregation up to have a peek. I did lift them up one at a time. And so they saw and lifted up their eyes unto the hills. But most of them didn't. They looked in different ways. Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus did not have seeing for more than the piece of cheese I hid in my sleeve for him. He gave his cheese squeaks. I gave him a nibble. When I did finish prayers Brave Horatius did bark Amen. I gave him a pat and then did say, "Bles sed be the pure in heart, for they shall see God."

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