Bill Evans: "Re: Person I Knew." Recorded live at the Village Vanguard in 1974. Bill Evans, piano; Eddie Gomez, bass; Marty Morell, drums. FANTASY F- 9608 -- This is a very special album, issued posthumously by Evans's manager, Helen Keane, from tapes that were never intended as a record date. That night in 1974 Evans was playing his usual sets at the Vanguard, and tape was rolling for what was to become his album "Since We Met" (F-9501). In the course of the evening, Bill played a number of selections that were not meant for the album -- they were either audience requests, or tunes to round out the sets. These "extras" proved to be as interesting as the "Since We Met" takes, so after Bill's passing it was decided to group them on this album. This is a solid Evans album, perhaps with even more punch and some others. Gomez's performance displays more depth than usual, flawed only by his out-of-tune bowed solo on "Are You All the Things?" Drummer Morell gives an added kick to the sound -- he's one of the best I've heard with Evans. Bill is a little heavier than usual here -- I was more conscious of his left hand and the unusual weightiness of his chords, but there is plenty of meat here for the Evans fans.

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