New shapes in place mats

New materials and new shapes to satisfy an increased sophistication in consumer tastes, are setting new trends in table place mats. Mikasa, for example, has just introduced mats designed by Scott Simon and laminated wity such materials as cork, vinyl, polyurethane, metallic Mylar, and embossed leather. All these nonfabric mats, which will sell from $5 to $9 each, have a unique look but are practical and water resistant.

Rose Tree has introduced a satin mat for an elegant, formal look, and Leacock used flannel and corduroy for the casual look of its Entertaining Men line. Table Manners showed new tailored mats made of voile and wool that are washable and can be used every day. These are designed for the dining tables of the career woman and bachelor. Joan Green showed "gleamy" metallic mats in silver, gold, and red for formal entertaining and reversible place mats in three patterns for those who want two looks in one mat. Made in U.S.A. and Marimekko exhibited vinyl mats printed with bold graphics.

Scalloped edges and mitered corners are prevalent in the new shapes. Dakotah offers a line of elongated oval quil ted mats designed for small tables.

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