Choosing best way to reroof church

Q. Our church is in need of a new flat roof. Which method do you suggest we follow: (1) Solid coat of asphalt primer for bond, followed by perlite insulation, three layers of fiber-glass membranes with hot asphalt in between, and then covered with slag; or (2) an aluminum roof coating, plus three layers of 65-pound paper with cold liquid asphalt on each layer. The No. 2 method costs about one- third higher than No. 1. May we have your ideas? Mrs. John Merkens Hamburg, N.Y.

A. Our roofing consultant recommends the first method. On flat roofs, where water "ponding" occurs, aluminum coating has a tendency to soften and flake off, he says.

Architects, builders, and roofing contractors frequently seek roofing specifications from local representatives of roofing manufacturers, such as Johns-Manville and Pabco, among others.

For professionally prepared roofing specifications which are tailored to your specific church roof, get in touch with such a local representative who will first inspect the existing roof and then prepare written specifications which m ay be used for competitive bidding.

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