More Bani-Sadr followers killed as he vows revenge

Iranian firing squads executed 23 people charged with armed rebellion Monday and Tehran Radio reported that six supporters of former President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr, including his brother, were arrested for helping to hide the fugitive politician.

The executions and the reports of the arrests came a day after Mr. Bani- Sadr released a taped message from his hiding place in Iran, vowing to counterattack those who ousted him and are killing his followers.

In his message reported by the Turkish newpaper Hurriyet in Istanbul, Bani-Sadr said: "I shall resume work for my country in the near future," adding, "We shall fight till a true Islamic republic is established and we shall take Iran back to the happy days.

"Most of those who are governing have no relations with Islam," he charged. "I don't think our religious leader, [Ayatollah Ruhollah] Khomeini, is supporting these despots. But I am waiting to see when he will become aware of these wol ves around him."

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