Dip of the knee straightens a swing

Many players find it difficult to use their legs in the swing. I have an idea that may help. It is important to use the legs of course. They can be a useful source of power, but also in some instances of accuracy.

Jack Nicklaus has said he swings with the legs. Most power golfers agree. Since they are also accurate golfers they may overlook the value of leg action on less-than-full power shots.

Point 1, however, is that "use of the legs" involves very little movement. It's more a thought than a physical act. It's golf we are at, not dancing.

Asked to use their legs, quite a few golfers lurch, lunge, and sway. But that's not the idea at all. Any feeling of movement should be very, very slight.

But this is the thought that has helped me most -- and a number of others: At the start of the downswing, drop the right knee.

Don't shift it to the left (it will move to the left anyway). Just let it drop.

Don't push it down. Drop it. That's all. Swing normally and just drop the right knee.

If you are anything like me you will find this thought of immeasurable benefit on all shots, but particularly in and traps. Gary Player, possibly the finest sand player of all time, plays bunker shots with his legs every time. Just as Nicklaus drives with his legs.

Swing normally and just let the right knee drop. Try this for 15 minutes on the prac tice ground and see what it does for you.

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