A spill-free way to deliver blooms

It gives pleasure to a gardener when flowers can be shared with friends. Yet transporting the flowers in a car can be a harrowing chore. For a one-time delivery, any cardboard box can be used by putting water in the flower container, placing it in the middle of the box, and then stuffing the box with crushed newspapers around the vase so it is held upright.

On the other hand, for a gardener who makes a habit of sharing, the holder (pictured here) becomes a better method.

It's not hard to make at all. If you can't find a wood box of the proper size, make one. Nail a couple of boards across the top. This box shown here will hold three vases of various sizes.

Use your own vases as samples and nail the boards accordingly.

Now share your flowers to your heart's content. Your friends will appreciate it.

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