The distinguished British author, James Cameron, wrote: "One doesn't come to Australia by chance. When one arrives it means that one most definitely has meant to come!"

Australia isn't a transit point to anywhere. It is, decidedly, a destination!

So isolated from the rest of the world, this strikingly beautiful land mass, comparable in size to the United States, was missed by early explorers. Finally discovered in the 17th century, the island was characterized as "the barrenest? spot upon the globe" and dismissed as being an improbable area for use by modern man.

But develop it did despite its slow start. Today the country pulses with change, growth, and enthusiasm. The cities of Sidney and Melbourne rank with the major cities of the world, and the now famous Sidney Opera House that opened in 1973 may well be one of the most talked about buildings in the world.

Records show that for most visitors to Australia it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and they must first see the beloved koala bears, the kangaroos, and get a taste of the bush country.

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