Consumer's Voice -- an urgent need in network TV; The Norman and Bill shows

Norman Lear is really going to keep it all in the family. He's been signed up by the slow-starting CBS Cable to serve as host of an updated version of "The Quiz Kids." Knowing Mr. Lear's takeover propensity, we can't imagine that the on-camera job will last longer than it takes for him to familiarize himself with the timid new world of cable TV.

In another example of starting at the top, CBS Cable has signed PBS documentarian Bill Moyers (who just switched to the CBS News staff) to produce, host, and narrate a series of 20 one-hour shows concerning world events as he sees them: "A Walk Through the 20th Century."

Mr. Moyers has so many projects on the fire -- completion of his PBS Journal, a series on creativity for PBS, a series with Great Books founder Mortimer Adler , commentary on "CBS Evening News," host of "CBS Reports," and other still unspecified CBS News shows -- that he'd better change the CBS Cable title to "A Runm Through the 20th Century."

Well, maybe a jog.

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