Ferragamo's jolt as Montreal QB; . . . Valenzuela: instant best seller?

When the Los Angeles Rams wouldn't give him what he wanted -- namely a hefty raise -- quarterback Vince Ferragamo decided to peddle is wares in Canada. From the looks of things, the handsome signal-caller may have to earn his new $400, 000 contract with the Montreal Alouettes the hard way.

In a Canadian Football League opener for both teams last Sunday, the Alouettes lost to the British Columbia Lions, 48-8. For a former Super Bowl quarterback, that was a rude debut indeed. To his credit, Ferragamo didn't make excuses about his unfamiliarity with Canadian rules, indicating that the opposition "had to play with three downs just like we did."

Vince is not the only Alouette trying to adjust to his new surroundings. Other US stars signed by Montreal are wide receivers Billy (White Shoes) Johnson , formerly of the Houston Oilers, and James Scott, formerly of the Chicago Bears. Alouette owner Nelson Skalbania has also opened up his bank account to rookie running back David Overstreet, who was the Miami Dolphins' No. 1 draft choice, and lineman Keith Gray, a college teammate of Overstreet's and the top draft pick of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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