Fruits plentiful in summer

There will be record crops of several popular fruits this summer which should be good news for shoppers. Broilers and eggs are also likely good July food buys and the following should also be plentiful.

Fresh peaches, nectarines, plums, limes, oranges, lemons, turkey, milk and dairy products are on the list.

Certain canned non-citrus fruits should also be plentiful, particularly peaches, pears and fruit cocktail, raisins, dried prunes, rice, dry beans and dry peas.

United States Department of Agriculture experts said the output of freestone peaches in california, the top producing state, is expected to hit a new record in 1981. Production in south Carolina is also expected to hit a new record. The quality of peaches is expected to be good but peaches are sma ller than average in California and several other areas.

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