Love's Tangled Web

Written and directed by Charles Ludlam for the Ridiculous Theatrical Company. The unique Ridiculous Theatrical Company has ended its latest season with a new play by its resident playwright and star, Charles Ludlam. The deliberately florid title is "Love's Tangled Web," and the occasionally vulgar action comes from a dozen old movies about deceitful heiresses, naive young men, and hopelessly hammy hostesseS.

There's even a "paranormal" in the plot, whatever that is, making mayhem with voodoo dolls and seances.

There are some hilarious moments -- especially when Ludlam explains a demented scheme to replace oil energy with "gerbil power." But the material is too thin, and the approach too broad, for the show to reach the heights of classic Ludlamania. It's a diverting disappointment from a troupe that's capable of much m ore merry stuff.

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