Best caulking for windows

Will you please send our library some information on the best way to caulk windows in order to save energy? Clarice J. Tynell, Danbury High School, Danbury, Conn.

Use one of the acrylic caulks and be careful of temperature. Normally, you can't apply caulking if the temperature falls below, I believe, 50 degrees F. Because it is water-soluble, acrylic caulking will freeze. Use it only when the day is warm.

Acrylic caulks are easy to clean up and they are fairly flexible.

When you cut off the end of the caulking-can tube, cut at a 45-degree angle. This allows the end of the caulking to be flattened against the window as you caulk. Use a steady, even pressure. The material should flow right into the cracks as you press down.

Dip your finger into water occasionally in smoothing the caulk.

If the cracks are large, then first put in some kind of backing, such as wood , wads of insulation, and the like. Then apply the caulking. Otherwi se, you'll waste a lot of caulking in filling up the void.

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