Iran on alert for suspect in Tehran's big bombing

Iranian authorities sent out a nation-wide alert for a student suspected of planting a bomb that killed over 70 leading politicians and said that nine more people were executed, all supporters of left-wing groups.

Revolutionary Guards said they were looking for a first-year science and technology student they accuse of planting the bomb at the headquarters of the ruling Islamic Republican Party June 28. Muhammad Reza Kolahi, who also worked as a maintenance man at IRP headquarters, has been identified as the suspect.

The government also announced the arrest of 40 people, including adherents of the moderate Ayatollah Sayed Kazem Shariat-Madari in Qom.

It also ordered the British news agency Reuters to close its office here. The Ministry of Islamic Guidance (information) said Reuters was being closed for having transmitted "false news reports, disregarding the notification of the ministry."

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