Gromyko closes no Polish options

A joint Soviet-Polish communique has suggested continuing policy differences between the Warsaw Pact neighbors, while providing no further hints of how the Soviets plan ultimately to cope with what they term "anti-Socialist" trends in Poland.

The joint statement, carried by the official Soviet news agency Tass late July 5, in effect closed no Soviet options in dealing with the crisis.

The communique followed a visit to Warsaw by Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko, less than two weeks before an emergency congress of the Polish Communist Party.

The statement made no mention of reformist pressures within Poland. Instead, it charged that "certain Western circles" were "trying particularly hard to exploit the events in Poland."

The statement said Mr. Gromyko's talks had passed in a "businesslike comradely atmosphere" with " an in-depth exchange of opinion" -- less than the identity of views usually stressed after Soviet talks with close Warsaw Pact allies.

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