New Titanic search getting under way

A research vessel has sailed to begin a second search for the Titantic, the mighty liner hit by an iceberg and sunk in the Atlantic Ocean in 1912. Financed by Jack Grimm, an oilman from Abilene, Texas, the 165-foot Gyre carried a crew of scientists, filmmakers, and adventures who will remain at sea until July 22, spending nine days looking for the ship.

The Titanic's precise location is unknown because the ship's radioman apparently gave the wrong coordinates, and even rescue ships differed on the exact spot.

Another research vessel last year made 14 sonar scanner photos in a 25-mile area. One of those photos is believed to show the Titanic.This group will have more sophisticated equipment than that taken in previous expeditions. The Gyre is also carrying television cameras -- the only way to prove whether the Titanic was indeed pinpointed on the last expedition.

If the giant ship is located, an expedition next summer will include the 51 -foot submarine Aluminaut, a large submersible equipped with exterior arms that could probe the wreck for artifacts

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