Bolivia weathers new coup try

President Luis Garcia Meza's government appears to have emerged stronger from the third military attempt in six weeks to overthrow it. Saturday's unsuccessful coup was the most serious of the recent rash of military uprisings in Bolivia. It was led by the Army commander, Humberto Cayoja Riart, and chief of staff, Lucio Anez Ribero. They had the support of at least two other generals and several top military officers. But the generals were arrested by troops loyal to the President and were flown by a military plane to exile in Argentina.

The coup attempt was apparently sparked by an announcement by the President that he might reverse a decision to hand over power Aug. 6 and instead remain President through December.

General Garcia Meza has appointed his interior minister, Gen. Celso Torrelio, as the new Army commander, with Gen. Carlos Turdera as chief of staff. The Army general command said the country was calm Sunday, and local newspapers reported normal activity in provincial towns.

The President has received proclamations of civilian support, and may also expect greater Army support now that he has been given an excuse for removing two of its leaders who had spoken out against his rule.

Generals Cayoja and Anez, who were appointed to their posts a month ago after the second rebellion by Col. Emilio Lanza, have both said they thought the Pr esident should fulfill his promise to leave office in August

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