2 new NLRB nominees vex labor

Unions are unhappy about two nominees for vacancies on the National Labor Relations Board -- John van de Water as chairman and Robert P. Hunter as a member. They fear the two could shift the NLRB toward more conservative positions in dealing with union-employer relations, Monitor labor correspondent Ed Townsend reports.

Business supports both men as "very highly qualified" and, according to the US Chamber of Commerce, important "in view of the significance of labor-management relations in improving the nation's economy and competitiveness in the world."

Labor strongly objected to two previous administration proposals for the board. The new alternatives are considered more moderate, but unions have called Mr. Hunter, at least, "hardly acceptable," because of views he has expressed as counsel for the Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee, and his role in organizing a filibuster that killed labor law reforms sought by unions in 1978.

Unions are much happier with the prospects of Vincent J. McDonald's appointment to head the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. Mr. McDonald has a long record of successful mediation of disputes in New York, where he was supported by labor and management.

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