Upgraded withdrawal charts

Previous "Moneywise" columns have noted the availability of charts of amounts that may be withdrawn based on various average interest rates up to 16 percent. These charts permit you to plant the use of capital in addition to interest income for retirement income. Could you please furnish a table based on higher interest rates and, also, higher withdrawal amounts? -- H. S.

The withdrawal charts you refer to, applying to various funds, were developed by a communications consultant. In response to your letter, I asked the consultant, now operating as Backwater Corporation, to reprogram the computer to expand the range of both interest rates (or yields from investments) and the number of years over which withdrawals of capital might be programmed. Effective yields were increased to 25 percent and the number of years increased to 50, although the longer periods produced few differences. The expanded chart is now available from Backwater Corporation, Box 752, Mercer Island, Wash. 98040 . Please send $1 plus a self-addressed, stamped long (No. 10) envelope for each set of charts and instructions.

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