* On the 40th anniversary of the June 22, 1941, Nazi attack on the Soviet Union, the West Germans and the Russians have exchanged messages of a sort. West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt referred to the "unspeakable suffering" of the Soviet Union and its loss of 20 million dead in the war.

Germans, both East and West, bear a special responsibility, he observed, to ensure that no war even again start from German soil. He called once more for detente and arms control. Similarly, West German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher appealed to all nations to renounce the use of force in the world.

In return, rather sourly, the Soviet press assailed "German militarism," "faseism" in West Germany, and "the spirit of [Hitler's] Wehrmacht," which the Russians claim still pervades the West Germany Army.

* The abundant German instinct for soul-searching is being stimulated by a rising interest in emigration. "Embassies of those countries that are farthest away from Germany," the Frankfurter Rundschau noted darkly, are being bombared with inquiries. Reasons vary, from the bride of a GI who is moving to America with her spouse, to the taxi driver who is going to New Zealand in search of clean air, to the couple who are settling in Australia to flee the danger of nuclear war, to the rather numerous emigrants who say they simply can't stand Northern Europe's "everlasting rain" any longer.

But then maybe things aren't so bad as they might seem. Despite the rising interest, the number of Germans who actually packed up and left last year was still only 53,000, the level that has prevailed for the past 10 years after dropping from an annual 100,000 in 1968 and an annual 300,000 in the immediate postwar years.

* It had to come. And it will, on June 30. The endless crime series, westerns, and old Bogey films are to be joined on the West German boob tube by J. R. and "Dallas." Yes, the Germans already do know who shot J. R., from the newspapers. And no, they won't have trouble understanding the drawl. Virtually all imported movies and TV shows are dubbed here -- and Larry Hagman is no exception.

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