Only 1 for Labour but 50 for the Conservatives

Where did the Labour and Conservative members of Parliament (all 635 of them) go to school? A Times Guide to the House of Commons for the year 1979 has some of the answers.

One hundred and twenty-five members completed secondary school, and 198 attended grammar schools. Labour members of Parliament accounted for 112 secondary schools and 108 grammar schools.

Eton had 51 graduates among the members, while Harrow had only 9. All of the Harrow pupils and all but one of the former Eton scholars were Conservatives.

At the university level, 83 members graduated from technical colleges, splitting 56 Labour and 27 Conservative.

Oxford was the home institution for 132 members and Cambridge for 95. The spli t was 58 Labour and 169 Conservative.

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