A water-resistant sealer not good for linoleum floor

Q My inlaid linoleum kitchem floor after many years has lost its shine. While it looks good right after waxing, it immediately shows water spots from traffic coming in from outside. Is there a permanent finish, such as a floor sealer, that would help? Mrs. Mary Dumham Amsterdam, N.Y.

A "We would never recommend the use of paint, varnish, shellac, lacquer, or similar finishes on resilient floor coverings," says Jane W. Deibler of Armstrong World Industries Inc., PO Box 3001, Lancaster, Pa. 17604.

"Usually," she adds, "they do not stand up to foot traffic and look good for only a short time. Removing these finishes can be difficult and expensive and may harm the flooring surface."

Ms. Deibler advises that water spots that appear soon after waxing are generally the result either of using too heavy an application of wax or floor finish or else applying a second application without allowing sufficient drying time between the coats.

While there are other manufacturers of resilient floor coverings, Armstrong offers a booklet entitled "How to Keep Your Armstrong F looring Looking Its Best" (1979 edition or later).

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