US, Iraq agree on A-raid resolve

The United States and Iraq agreed Thursday on a compromise resolution that would have the Security Council strongly condemn but not punish Israel for its air raid on the Iraqi nuclear reactor. The accord, reported to have been reached between Iraqi Foreign Minister Saadoun Hammadi and Jeane Kirkpatrick, the chief US delegate, after intensive private negotiations, appeared to guarantee its adoption by the Council.

Mr. Hammadi had earlier demanded mandatory sanctions against Israel. The agreed text was understood to propose "appropriate redress" for Iraq, but no punitive action against Israel. It appeared to approximate one approved by member states of the Islamic Conference, which Mr. Hammadi read to the Council Tuesday.

According to diplomatic accounts of the accord, the resolution would strongly condemn Israel's attack, which wrecked Iraq's French-built reactor, calling it a clear violation of the UN Charter and norms of international conduct. Israel would be called upon to refrain in future fr om any such acts or threats.

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