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Brazilian film is due for a renaissance in the United States. Cinema Brazil: A Celebration of New Brazilian Cinema is billed as the most comprehensive festival of contemporary Brazilian films to be screened outside their native country. Presented by Unifilm of New York, in association with other agencies, the series is due for engagements in several American cities including New York, Boston, and Chicago. The lineup extends from quite recent work (Such as the popular "Bye Bye Brazil") to modern classics, including the momumental "Antonio das Mortes" by Glauber Rocha. One entry will be "Gaijin: A Brazilian Odyssey" by Tizuka Yamasaki, which is also due for regular theatrical runs in New York, Seattle, Boston, and Washington. Tackling an unusual subject -- the influx of Japanese laborers into Brazil during the late 19th century -- it's rather too slick and too smooth to convey the full force of its emotions. Yet its story and characters are commendably clear and it might be just the ticket for drawing new popular attention to the continuing tradition of qual ity filmmaking in Brazil.

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