GOP lays plans to take House

The Republican National committee created a panel to study election reforms, but indicated it does not share chairman Richard Richard's opposition to independent expenditure groups. These groups, many on the far right, can spend unlimited amounts to elect or defeat candidates.

The committee wound up a three-day meeting by discussing campaign strategies aimed at reversing political tradition and taking over control of the House of Representatives in the 1982 election. Normally the party in control of the White House loses seats in the midterm election, but Republicans hope Ronald REagan's popularity will break that pattern.

Nancy Sinott, executive director of the National Republican Congressional Committee, says there are already 150 identifiable Republican candidates for Congress, compared with 50 or 60 at the same point two years ago. Her committee will begin candidate workshops in July. Previously they never started before February of election year.

Vincent Breglio, of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said one tool to help the GOP retain Senate control is an "opposition research package" to get essential items on opponents' vulnerability, adding, "We have to begin to soften up those Democrats we face in 1982."

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