Energy-saving underground homesEnergy-saving underground homes

Q. Where can I found information about underground housing? I have a "dream house" I want to build, but between taxes and fuel costs, I would like to learn more about alternative shelters. Mrs. Marie Belchak

A. For data on underground housing contact: Consumer Information Center, Pueblo, Colo. 81009; state colleges and universities; and the Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C.

The University of Minnesota has done a lot of work on the subject, for example.

Your local or state library has books and magazine articles on underground housing. The Reader's Guide is a good source of up-to- date material, such as:

* How Would You Like to Live Here, National Geographic World, September 1979.

* Underground Housing Is Coming On Strong, by D. Haupert, Better Homes & Gardens, September 1979.

* New Houses Revive the Ancient Art of Living Underground, by D. Martindale, Smithsonian, February 1979, including bibliography.

For Southwest readers who want to build an underground-type house but on top of the ground, consider modern, stabilized, and waterproof adobe construction. It has many of the advantages of underground dwellings but without some of the liabilities.

For local availability of adobe blocks and methods, consult the telephone Yellow Pages under "Adobe Blocks and Shapes."

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