Child too long hidden

This is the time of the child the child too long hidden too long secreted away from plain view. (Hundreds upon hundreds yearn for its return.) It is a time for the child in all mankind a ceaseless moment for the child in children the child in those of any years those of many years. Listen for, then listen to, the child inside smiling. How honestly the child sings through the glitter of insincerity skips across minefields of tradition acts away the disguise of adult concern colors over drabness smothers gloom in gladness . . . . . . and just in time to take our hand to lead us home to quiet our muttering hopelessness . . . just in time to shatter callousness to shatter weariness with benevolent energy in generous abundance. The child instructs with simple games unsnared by harm. The child draws from imagination-wells -- holding treasures intricate and durable till now unimagined -- to prove the futility of greed. Free the child to free the man. Free the child to free the woman. Free the child to free the child. Free the child to free us all to learn of this universe made for childlike eyes built for gentle hands designed to be known in childlike knowing. The child in man is alive and well healthier and stronger with more childlike integrity than ever refusing to be homeless refusing to be orphaned refusing to be auctioned malnourished, dissipated, disconnected. And the child lives forever reborn and reborn. (There is cause for celebration.) And the child laughs at adversity its laughter whispers soars rolls and rolls to fill a universe with ligh t.

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