The Monitor's View: Quote (2)

With the sense of Wonder comes Realization. Realization is born out of the intuitive. Something must be just so, and it has a definite existence though you cannot see it. You strive because that existence makes you think of what you want to express. In this drive to express, you make a distinction between existence and presence. When you give something presence, you have to consult nature, and that is where Design begins.

Form encompasses a harmony of systems, a sense of Order, and that which distinguishes one existence from another. Form is the realization of a nature, made up of inseparable elements. Form has no shape or dimension. It is completely inaudible, unseeable. It has not presence; its existence is in the mind. You turn to nature to make it actually present. Form precedes Design. Form is "what." Design is "how." For is impersonal; Design belongs to the designer.

Design gives the elements their shape, taking them from their existence in the mind to their tangible presence. Design is a circumstantial act. In architecture, it characteri zes a harmony of spaces good for a certain activity.

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