Mitterrand's message

From the French President to President Reagan: Mr. President I was particularly touched by the warm message that you sent me in your name and in the name of the American people on the occasion of my election as President of the Republic, and I am happy that you have seen in this democratic election the fruit of perseverance and determination that reminded you of your own experience.

I share with you the objectives of peace, progress and freedom which have sprung from the roots of our cultures. I hope that in the years to come we will be able to avert conflicts, promote economic and social development and advance the cause of human rights and the freedom of nations throughout the world. Both of us will have responsibilities to assume in this respect.

It is my most sincere wish that French-American dialogue will continue to develop in a useful way and contribute to strengthening world peace in a climate of respect for the commitments that our two countries freely assume. I want to take this occasion to thank you in the name of the French people for your message of welcome and say that I will be very happy to meet with you personally and work with you at the upcoming summit in Ottawa.

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