Teens using certain drugs less

Teen-age use of marijuana and "angel-dust" leveled off in 1980 after a 17 -year rise, but drug use by the young is still a major problem. Dr. Afred S. Friedman, director of the Drug Treatment Program at the Philadelphia Psychiatric Center, said that 1980 was the first year since 1962 that the use of cigarettes, marijuana, inhalant-solvents, and PCP, known as "angel dust" leveled off among high school teens. He said, however, that 1980 showed an increase in the use of stimulants and methaqualone among teen-age girls.

While 37 percent of high school students reported use of marijuana in 1979, Dr. Friedman said the number dropped to 34 percent in 1980.

"However, 60 percent of the class of '80 still reported that they had used marijuana sometime in their lives, the same as the previous year's class. Obviously drug use among teen-agers, as well as alcohol use, is still extensive and constitutes a major national problem," he said.

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