2 officials rap US stand on baby formula code

Two top US government experts said they will resign if the administration goes ahead with its announced intention to oppose the baby formula marketing code now being debated by the World Health Organization, staff writer Richard Harley reports.

The administration's view of the issue has been skewed by US infant formula companies, say these experts --seph, the top agricultural and health officials in the US Agency for International Development.

They say the WHO code would not, as the administration has concluded, impose marketing regulations on any country but would lend support to world efforts to promote the safer, more nutritious feeding of babies and more responsible marketing and use of infant formula.

Some 75 congressmen also backed, a last-minute appeal by Rep. Tom Harkin (D) of Iowa to get President Reagan to intervene personally, reverse the US decision , and support the code. A similar appeal was submitted to the President last week by Sens. Mark O. Hatfield (R), John C. Danforth (R), Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D), Daniel K. Inouye (D), Alan Cranston (D ), and Bob Dole (R).

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