Pick of the paperbacks; Charmed Lives, by Michael Korda. New York: Avon Books. $3.50

Michael Korda starts his family story with: "It seemed to me when I was young that the three Korda brothers led charmed lives." Indeed, one might think that about the flamboyant trio: Sir Alexander, credited with creating the British film industry; Zoltan, the noted director; and Vincent, the renowned artist and set designer. They had a hand in creating some of the world's classic films.

But this highly personal book paints a different picture. Their professional genius and success did not carry over into their personal lives.Family relations were fraught with resentment and estrangement, and one is struck by the emotional barrenness of their lives.

Despite this, and the portrayal of occasionally questionable life styles, it has appeal. Even when chronicling his family's foibles, Michael Korda does so with understanding.

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