Story books with pictures, or picture books with stories?; How the Wind blows, by Kathrine D. Marko. Nashville: Abingdon. $5.95 (6-9 years).

The wind touches us all, but is not understood by nearly so many. In 26 pages, Kathrine D. Marko explains where the wind comes from, what it can do, and that without it no kite would ever get off the ground.

She starts with a breeze: "It can touch your face as gently as a falling leaf." And she ends with a breeze: "It carries smells like the perfume of a rose garden." In between, the going is more turbulent.

Ms. Marko explains hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, and simooms. There is her description of a tornado as a violent whirling wind that spins in a funnel shape and turns dark from sucking up dust and dirt.

"How the Wind Blows" is an informative introduction to what Ms. Marko calls "a wild and wonderful friend." It reads aloud easily, it's illustrated handsomely, and it's an inexpensive addition to a child's home lib rary.

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