Begin assails Schmidt over Mideast comment

Israel planned diplomatic moves to follow up Prime Minister Menachem Begin's outburst in which he accused West Germany's Chancellor Helmut Schmidt of arrogance, greed, and callous disregard of Jews slaughtered in World War II. Mr. Begin's speech at a political rally stunned foreign diplomats with its unprecedented invective. His anger was raised by Mrs. Schmidt's statement, after a trip to Saudi Arabia, that West Germany had a moral commitment to the Palestinians.

Mr. Begin bracketed French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing with Mr. Schmidt, charging both with "unbridled greed and avarice." He said that Mr. Schmidt "must have concluded some very lucrative business deals with Saudi Arabia."

West Germany has rejected the attack as inapt and insulting. A spokesma n accused Mr. Begin, who faces elections in June, of electioneering.

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