Court to rule on tuition charged children of aliens

The Supreme Court agreed to decide whether public schools have to provide a free education for the children of undocumented aliens. It agreed to review a lower court ruling striking down the policy of the Tyler, Texas, school board, which charged a tuition of $1,000 for such children.

The decision could have a major effects on schools in California and TExas, which have large illegal-alien populations, mostly from Mexico.

In other action, the justices reversed a Missouri Supreme Court decision that said prosecutors could seek the death penalty at the retrial of a convicted murderer although the first jury recommended a life sentence; ruled in a major labor law case that employers hit by a wildcat strike may only sue to recover money damages from unions -- not individual strikers; said it would decide whether a black police group can press a $20 million discrimination lawsuit against federal officials; and agreed to consider the constitutionality of a national coal contract provision that requires e mployers to make payments to union health and retirement funds based on how much coal they buy from non-union companies.

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