Summer accessories can update a wardrobe

Accessories are big news for every woman looking for a way to freshen a wardrobe she's carrying over from last year. Popular this season are black and white signature scarves, jungle mesh and khaki handbags, wide belts, and plenty of jewelry -- even that scaled for the larger figure -- to brighten customes.

Lavender, peach, clear yellow, and variations on the red-white-and-blue theme , as well as lots of black and white, are important on the fashion scene for summer.

A show given for the market by the Apparel Center here features accessories in black and white, including T-shirts, sundresses, and lots of canvas shoes and socks. Sandals will continue to be important for the warm seasons, and belts, belts, belts will help to spark costumes which need updating. Reptile leaf, multistring, and bronze leaf belts were shown, as well as those in soft leathers in the pastel tones.

Leather handbags -- big, over-the-shoulder ones --played important roles in the accents offered by the accessories makers.

Natural straw, snake-style handbags, and hair ornaments are among the accents shown in the fashion show staged by Dorothy Fuller, coordinator for the center.

Mrs. Fuller emphasizes the importance of innocence and naivete in the focal points of fashion and finishing touches, which become star performers with today's wardrobe.

She showed macrame shawls, camouflage hats, gauze-tiered skirts and camisoles , as well as pith helmets for the jungle look, expected to be significant in the months to come.

Ultrasuede pantyhose, hand-painted ballet slippers with pearls, wedge shoes, and Indian princess moccasins were included in the accent items.

For less costly handbags look for canvas and quilted cotton reminiscent of this winter's coats, she says.

Bead and shell necklaces, gold mesh items, and lots of bracelets also add to the picture.

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