US Shifts toward a free Namibia

US policy toward Namibia appears to be shifting gears again and to be pulling back even further from its initial confrontation course with black and northern Africa, correspondent Louis Wiznitzer reports.

The five Western nations (Uited States, BRitain, FRance, Canada, and West Germany , also called the "contact group," which have drafted the Un plan for the independence of Namibia, were expected to reaffirm their commitment to Security Council Resolution 435 (which embodies the UN plan for Namibian independence) before the week's end.

This commitment, according to well-placed sources, comes as a direct result of the discussions that took place in London April 22 between the "contact group ," in which Chester A. Crocker, the Us assistant secretary of state-designate for African Affairs, participated. It does not yet officially endorse the new formula set forth by the four Western partners of the US regarding:

* Certain principles drawn from the UN Charter to be included in Namibia's constitution by way of a new Security Council resolution to complement Resolution 435.

* The neutralization of Namibia by way of an international treaty.

however, it represents a further step by the US away from what appeared two months ago to be a 100 percent pro-South African policy and a pure East-West app roach to the question of namibia.

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