The child's masterpiece; For Adam Harper

Is this a man? Of coursem it is a man, how foolish of me. What more does he need than these two lovely stilt-legs, thin as windlestraw. And this hardy torso, angular, proud; square chest, no shoulders -- as it should be. And the head! Im should have such a daisy, such a fish, such a delicious moon of a head! Look at the poise, the benevolence as he nods at the cerulean blue sky beneath his feet. He stands distinct from the turmoil of mountains, the orange and violet of clouds, the ripening sun and the black angelic sparrows. Yes, and more than a man (if I read you clearly): for this burly willow on stilts wears a crown (so humble I barely noticed at first). He must be the King of Spring I've heard such tales about. And look: green tears run from his crown, roll lazily across his brow, his breast, his garden of blue sky. Thank you. How can I say thank you enough for these green tears. Pinned to the wall above my bed, this King shall reign above all my dark dreams, a sovereign will to shape my errant days. May no one have to wonder at me: Is th is a man.m

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