Getting concrete stains off aluminum siding

Q. When a patio slab was installed last summer, concrete was splashed on some aluminum siding. How does one remove the concrete stains without damaging the siding? Robert Muenzenberger Hoffman Estates, Ill.

A. If the siding is painted, apply a dilute solution equal to 12 parts water to 1 part Sure Klean No. 600 detergent, made by ProSoCo Inc., of Kansas City, Kan. Follow with a thorough rinsing. Avoid scratching the painted surface.

If Sure Klean No. 600 is unavailable, try a paste of vinegar and talcum powder to remove the "mud." An exposure to the cleaner of two to three minutes may be necessary.

The manufacturer cautions not to use Sure Klean No. 600 on unpainted aluminum. The vinegar-talcum process may still be tried, however.

Janitorial supply companies have a bundle of materials on their shelves for cleaning all sorts of messes. Try them for a product or method.

The aluminum siding manufacturer will have the best answer to remove the stain. Give the company a call for its recommendation.

The conscientious builder usually has a running battle with both employees and subcontractors in an effort to keep them from damaging or staining contiguous materials. How simple it would have been to temporarily cover the alum inum siding while the concrete patio was being poured.

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