Science and the resurrection

Faith in Christ Jesus' resurrection need not be a matter of blind belief. The resurrection was not a supernatural act but a demonstration of Spiritual Science, the manifest knowledge, power, and wisdom of God. Jesus' so-called miracles were actually implementations of divine Principle, a scientific exhibition of the law of God in Christ that overrules the apparent supremacy of physics and matter.

The laws of material science are formulations of the human mind observing matter. They reflect the subjectivity of mind-matter and are hopelessly bound to the limitations of space-time and sensory input. But the law of Christ is not. Real law is based on the eternal, the infinite Spirit that predates and precludes all space, time, matter, and is the unseen ground of all real being.

From small beginnings, we can prove the supremacy of Spirit and its law for ourselves. If Jesus healed by spiritual law, then the eternal Principle he practiced must still be operative.

This was one of Mary Baker Eddy's n1 discoveries in Christian Science. She writes of the Master: "The purpose of his great life-work extends through time and includes universal humanity. Its Principle is infinite, reaching beyond the pale of a single period or of a limited following." n2 Jesus was able to see through matter's facade because his consciousness was fundamentally different from the supposed mentality produced by chemical reactions in the brain. Jesus' consciousness was grounded in the divine.Therefore the Saviour saw things as God knows them -- in their perfect and spiritual status, unbounded and undistorted by matter.

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This spiritual perception did not take part in the solipsistic self-deception of mind-matter observing itself and calling itself substance and law. The Mind of Christ reflected in Jesus produced its own phenomena -- the substance and government of Spirit. This manifestation of God overruled matter's physics, chemistry, and biology, replacing the physical evidence of disease and death with the spiritual evidence of health and life.

Jesus' Godlike consciousness was the result of his unique origin and status as God's Son. Even so, the master Metaphysician said that God was the Father of all.m Therefore He is the Mind of all. He is demonstrably your Mind and mine to the degree we conciously reflect Him. This is why Paul urged, "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus." n3 Through prayer and Christian discipleship, we too can gain the Mind of Christ -- the consciousness of God and of man as His very image.

n3 Philippians 2:5

Jesus proved that this conscious relationship with God is attainable, and promised, "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also." n4 The Christ Science that Jesus practiced explains to us the spiritual facts of being, which, when understood and lived, change consciousness to a more spiritual basis. The "wisdom" or Science of Christ reveals God as wholly good, infinite Love, ever-available through prayer. Man as revealed by Christ is provably "the express image of [God's] person," n5 the intelligent manifestation of Mind.

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And what of matter and evil? These are the phenomena of that supposititious mind in matter which asserts it "big banged" from nothingness, dreamed for billions of years, then awoke in Homo sapiens to ask, "What am I?" Matter's ephemeral self-consciousness is demonstrably a myth; real Mind is God, and man is His image and likeness -- eternally.

Proving this does, however, take time and spiritual growth. We need every Christian step along the way. Even so, the more our consciousness and life are the image of Spirit, the more we will sense that conscious individuality never did reside in matter. This realization brightens our path Godward and gives us ever-increasing dominion.

The significance of the resurrection is that real Life is divine, not material. Jesus proved that even death must yield to the consciousness of Life. Therefore, his resurrection is ours insofar as we apprehend and put into practice the divine Principle, Life, which he demonstrated. DAILY BIBLE VERSE Ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus. Galatian s 3:26

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