Growth Day -- it's up to you

Our national wealth isn't limited by our natural resources. If growth has any limits at all, it's our personal resources -- our drive, our dedication and our desire to lead better, more fulfilling lives."

This is the way the sponsors of America's Growth Day lay it on the line. By bringing the concept of growth back to individual qualities they provide a valuable reminder that the economic growth they celebrate need not become the prisoner of materialism, the father of selfishness. It can be a private-enterprise result from public-spirited motives. It can come from genuinely free competition in the marketplace of ideas as well as of goods.

The danger is that some of such aspects may be lost in an image of Growth Day as a business and academic response to "antibusiness" partisans of consumers or the environment. But, with the proper human qualities displayed everywhere along the line, growth can serve harmony among all parts of society.

On this second annual Growth Day, President Reagan proclaims his joining in "saluting the achievements of the private sector and the enterprising spirit of the American people." So do we. The maintenance of that enterprising spirit will ensure that there are achievements to salute in all the year s ahead.

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