Pick of the paperbacks; Whip Hand, by Dick Francis. New York: Pocket books. $2.75

When Sid Halley lost his left hand, his career as a jockey ended. But his love for thoroughbred racing lured him into the investigation of crime in the racing world. In "Whip Hand" he must solve three mysteries: the reason for the failure of three very promising young racehorses; the integrity and honesty of a member of the Jockey Club; and the whereabouts of the man who has framed his ex-wife for fraud. After being threatened with the loss of his right hand, Halley must confront his own fears before he can continue with the investigations.

"Whip Hand" is skillfully written,surpassing many of Dick Francis' earlier novels. The plot is fast paced, the writing concise, and the book an enjoyable combination of tension and humor.

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