Omar N. Bradley, last 5-star general

Gen. Omar Nelson Bradley, who passed on here Wednesday, was the last of America's five-star generals. The general, who was retired but still officially on active duty, will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Army Secretary John March Jr. called General Bradley's passing "a loss not only for this nation but for all freedom-loving people of the world. He takes his place in history as a great patriot, a peerless military leader, and an individual dedicated to the cause of peace in the world."

Considered a brilliant military strategist, Gen. Bradley led the 12th US Army Group in Europe during World War II, which had over 1.3 million combat troops in four armies. The men of his command swept across France and into Germany and played a vital role in ending Adolf Hitler's Reich.

General Bradley found more pride, however, in being the epitome of the infantryman, the foot soldier. His troops called him the "Gls' general," and he dressed the part, wearing an old stained trench coat, his Gl trouse rs stuffed into paratroop boots, and a field cap.

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