Cleaners remove paint from masonry

Q. Our Indiana limestone church has been sprayed with black paint. How can this mess be removed without sandblasting the stone? Roberta Wall Columbus, Ohio

A. Apply a product that is equal to Sure Klean Heavy Duty Paint Stripper, as made by Prosoco Inc., 1040 Parallel Parkway, Kansas City, Kan. 66104. Your local paint store or janitorial supply outlet may have other commercial cleaners to handle this kind of paint stain on masonry.

Whatever you use, be sure to follow the labeled directions.

You may need to let the stripper work on the stone for a day or so. Then rinse the surface with hot water.

After the limestone surface has been cleaned of paint, apply a product such as Sure Klean Limestone Restorer. Dilute it with one part of concentrate to two parts water.

If done properly, this should remove all trace of the paint stripper and leave the limestone in its welcome natural appearance.

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