An agenda for action

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics recommends that: 1. Problem solving be the focus of school mathemathics in the 1980s. 2. Basic skills in mathemathics be defined to encompass more than computational facility.

3. Mathematics programs take full advantage of the power of calculators and computers at all grade levels.

4. Stringent standards of both effectiveness and efficiency be applied to the teaching of mathematics.

5. The success of mathematics programs and student learning be evaluated by a range of measures wider than conventional testing.

6. More mathematics study be required for all students and a flexible curriculum with a greater range of options be designed to accommodate the diverse needs of the student population.

7. Mathematics teachers demand of themselves and their colleagues a high level of professionalism.

8. Public support for mathematics instruction be raised to a level commensurate with the importance of mathematical understanding to individuals and societ y.

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